Additional Resources

The Law Offices of Jeffrey J. Kroll has compiled the following list of resources where you can find more information about personal injury law, safety guidelines, health issues, injury statistics and other law-related topics.

Please note these resources are not intended to provide legal advice. We encourage you to contact us via our consultation form if you would like to discuss your specific situation with our personal injury lawyers.

Legal Groups

Illinois State Bar Association

American Bar Association

Chicago Bar Association

American Association for Justice

Road Safety

U.S. Department of Transportation

Illinois Secretary of State

Office of Defects Investigation, Auto Recall Database

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Crash Test

Highway Research Center

National Motorist Association

Airline Safety

Aviation Health Institute

Aviation Accident Database

Federal Aviation Administration

Boating Safety

American Boating Association

Boating Definitions and Mnemonics

Boating Research Center

U.S. Coast Guard, Boating Safety

National Rivers Website

Medical Safety

Joint Commissions

Accredited Facility Search (Radiology)

Illinois Department of Professional Regulation

American Hospital Association


Health Grades

MD Consult

National Guideline Clearinghouse

American Medical Association

Product Liability Information

The American Law Institute

United States Patent Office

U.S. Department of Labor

American National Standards Institute

National Electric Manufacturers Association

National Safety Council

National Electric Manufacturers Association

National Fire Protection Association

American Society for Testing and Materials

Lemon Law America

Recalled Products by Products Type

Safety Alerts, Toy Recall

U.S. Food and Drug Administration